Demon - one being from the army of evil spirits. Many people in many ways describe the same demons, and only one of them known to all - Satan, the head of all the undead, which has many other names - the Great Emperor of the Underworld, Angel of Darkness, and many other names. It is Satan embodies the real evil, he became an opponent of God and of all light. It takes precedence over a vast and terrible army of demons and other creatures that bring nothing but evil. Keep in obedience to this great army would have been prohibitive task for even Satan, therefore, like God, had the seraphim, cherubim and archangels, Satan has authority over demons aristocrats. They, in turn, help him in managing the kingdom of darkness. These daemons form a nine-storeyed structure, by analogy with the angelic hierarchy.

In Greek mythology, a demon - especially having a divine power, but not a humanoid, or even bestial creature. It instantly appears a force that can just as quickly disappear, it had no name for it can not be accessed, it can not come to any communication. Suddenly, a demon instantly produces an action and then disappears. Daemon acts directly on human pushes him to certain actions, tempt, sent his various thoughts and foreboding, ominous dreams, and sometimes leads to disaster. Demon equated to the fate of all the events of human life are influenced by it. It was believed that there is a demon born in the character as manifested demonic forces, each person gets a life of its own demon. On our site you will find many images of demons.